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The aim of Q-Sports Management is to help pool and snooker players in the United Kingdom reach their full potential. We currently focus on helping our clients achieve this in two main ways:
  1. The company shall find clients sponsorship to play in selected events around the world. Sponsorship shall pay all entry fees, and where possible travel and accommodation fees, for the events selected. We will endeavour to support clients logistically with any travel and accommodation arrangements and will also deal with all PR and press coverage for these selected events. Clients will also be provided with sponsored waistcoats/shirts. In return for the above services, Q-Sports Management shall charge an annual fee. This fee shall be a percentage of any sponsorship monies raised on behalf of their client and any prize money won in those events.
  2. For those who prefer to find their own sponsors and receive all their winnings, there is an opportunity for clients to pay a flat fee per year in return for PR and press work on their behalf. Included in this service is a professional player profile on our website that will be invaluable when promoting yourself to potential sponsors.
All financial matters shall put in writing in a legal contract and signed by both parties prior to the player becoming a client of Q-Sports Management. This secures the interests of both parties.

If you are interested in becoming a client, please tell us a bit about yourself by completing the online form. We will get back to you promptly to discuss your requirements and how we might benefit your cuesports career.
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